Shoes, shoes and more shoes

Most people like shoes.  I, on the other hand, ADORE shoes!  It’s a love affair my husband is happy that I indulge…at least the way I do it.  Instead of buying all the shoes I would love to have, I like to take photos of them.
Shoes are a very important piece of fashion when it comes to your wedding ensemble.  They can say many different things about you, and the style of your wedding.
 They can say, “Beauty is pain”…
or, “Comfy is cute”.

Sometimes it works great to have everyone’s shoes match,
 even if it’s only in color and not design.

Other times it’s great when you let your wedding party go wild!
You never know what you may end up looking at.
What do your shoes say about you?
Come hither?
Are they your Something Blue?
 Do they say that you for surely “Do”?
Let’s not forget about the guys.  What options do they have? Many!
From shiney…

  to buff…
 even browns, creams, and tans.
  They can be comfy tennis shoes to.
 Also, lets not forget the two toned.
With all the options out there, think outside the box for your shoes selections.  It could be fun!


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