Courthouse Wedding

Who says a court house wedding is not personal?

Not this couple! I had a blast with these two!
I always want to ask my couples the question: ‘If you only had the option to get married at the courthouse, with no frills and huge guest counts, would you still get married?’  Sometime I feel like people plan weddings because they just want to have a party. It’s rare, but it does happen.  Couples can loose touch with each other, their family and friends, and the important things about a wedding while they are chin deep in plans.  It’s a good reminder to ask yourself, ‘what are we doing this for, would we be happy with just a courthouse wedding?’ while you are putting everything together.  In my opinion, you should always be able to answer the question with, ‘Yes, because the wedding is not what matters, it’s the marriage.’
This being said, Magdalene and Jarrod showcased this ideal perfectly!  They had a simple wedding at the St.Paul courthouse on a Thursday in April. They weren’t planning on doing much.  They only hired me a few days before the event as a last minute decision.  The weather was perfect, the two guests were excited, and the couple was happy as can be!  The ceremony took about 15 minutes, and was filled with happy tears and bursts of laughter. It was perfect.
After the marriage license was signed, I took the couple around the building for a few fun photos, and that was it.  They went off on their married way to have champagne and dinner together.

No frills. 

Just pure happiness and a marriage.


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