Having Man’s Best Friend Involved in Your Wedding

We get the question, ‘Can we bring our dog with?’ a lot.

Normally this is asked when we are planning an engagement session. My answer is, and always will be ‘Yes!’ (Then I do a little happy dance in my head) I love when pets are included in photos!

I then like to follow up with a question of my own. ‘Are you going to include them in your wedding day as well?’  If the answer is another ‘yes’ I do an actual happy dance. I love dogs! They are one of my favorite creatures in this world!  All they want, is to be loved.  What other creature, really only understands unconditional love? Or will sit by the door all day long, just waiting to exuberantly greet you when you get home?

There’s no guard bird, or guard fish.  Cats may be cute, but let’s be honest, they would probably rather sleep then guard your house.

Dogs crave being around you, and miss you when you’re gone.  To them (and hopefully you) you are their family.  So why not include them in your engagement photos, or in your wedding day?

There are a few things to plan ahead for when bringing your best dog friend to your engagement photos and/or your wedding day.

-Have a designated doggie caretaker. This is more for your wedding day then engagement photos. This is someone who is solely responsible for your pup all day and all night.

-Have a bowl, and a large bottle of water with you.  Especially during the hot months. You never know if a bowl of water will be available at all your locations.

-Bring a leash, and also some way to attach the leash to something like a tree, or a stake in the ground.

-Poop scoops and baggies. (This is self-explanatory)

-Treats, lunch and/or dinner. The meals are probably more for just the wedding day, but treats are for both. Your reception food could be fun for a treat, but they should probably still have their normal meals to eat.

-Bring a chew toy or favorite item. Dogs can become over stimulated and nervous too. They feed off your emotions, just like kids do. So if you’re nervous, they will be too.  Having something to chew on, or cuddle with can help a pup calm down.

-Know your pet’s limits. You may want them all day, but that may be too much for them to handle. One hour can be more than enough time.

One last thing to consider if you are bringing your dog to your wedding day, your guests.  This may be your day, and your pup is truly part of your family, but there are definitely situations that would not be a good idea to have them there. Is your dog trained? Not just potty trained, (because that is a ‘must’) but behavior trained?  You don’t want your dog jumping up on people, barking, biting or just being crazy.  As cute as you may think their bark might be, many of your guests won’t. (Just like a child throwing a temper tantrum) Maybe it would then be better to only include your pal during the photo time, and then send them home with the caretaker.

You know your pets best. Include them somehow. After all, their mommies and daddies are tying the knot, and they’d love to be a part of it!

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