What I’m Thankful For As a Vendor

With Thanksgiving literally hours away, I thought I’d make a blog about all the things as a vendor I’m thankful for on a wedding day.  Some of these things are at each wedding I’ve been to, and some are not.  I wish they were always present though! I’ll leave it up to you to decide which ones are always present, and which ones are not. You might be surprised at the answer!

-I am thankful for a ‘Happy’ Couple. A couple that is truly in love, and having a wedding because they just want to be married.  A couple that is happy will look happy in their photos.  Being a photographer, this is very important! Faking it, just doesn’t work.

-I am thankful for a Great Wedding Coordinator. Not just the event space coordinator (although I’m thrilled when they are there too) I’m talking about someone a couple has hired to execute the whole day.  (Yes, there is a HUGE difference)  They make everything run smoothly, and can minimize any stress and anxiety the couple has. In turn, they give me the ‘happy’ couple I’m so thankful for.

-I am thankful for Dinner.  This may seem simple or even strange, but I promise you, if you feed your vendors, they will go that extra mile for you!  Especially your planners and photographers! They have probably been with you just as long as you’ve been awake that day, and they need food to function too.

-I am thankful for Details. The kind of details that make a wedding more personal.  Nothing is worse for a photographer then not having anything to photograph.

-I am thankful for Unplugged Weddings.  Not because I want to be the only one with a camera, but because your guests should be guests and not the help.  It feels that way when you have aunt so-and-so taking a photo of everyone walking down the aisle.  You didn’t hire them to cover your day, you want them to be present during the day.  I always want to ask guests (but don’t’ because it would sound rude) what they plan to do with that photo. It’s just become so common place for people to snap away, and never look at the image again.  This brings me to my next thankfulness…


-I am thankful for Interactive Guests.  I love when guests want to have their photo taken. I wish more people would ask! Believe it or not, sometimes I worry I’m bothering guests by asking to take their photo.

-I am thankful for Awesome Vendors.  Nothing makes a wedding better for a vendor then working with other professional vendors.  It can be a tight community and many of us are great friends.  I love having my friends at work with me!

-I am thankful for a Fun Wedding Party.  I love when the crew of bridesmaids and groomsmen are all friends, or like-mined people.  There’s an energy to groups like this that make for a much more entertaining day.

-I am thankful for The Couple. Because of them, my art is my career, my community peers have become my friends, and my passion is my life style.  I’m thankful for them trusting me with their dream wedding day!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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