Matthew and Amy

Matthew and Amy Coppersmith discovered photography at a very young age, developing their own way of expressing themselves through imagery. They met, fell in love through photography and most of their dates were spent taking photographs. Through this love Matt and Amy created Coppersmith Photography, which has allowed them to share the world they see with so many others. Along with their three children, Amy and Matt intend to make the world a more beautiful place through amazing art from everything, and everyone.


2 thoughts on “Matthew and Amy

  1. Dianne Metz on said:

    Matt and Amy –

  2. Dianne Metz on said:

    Matt and Amy – I wanted to tell you how impressed we all are with the photos you took of Emily and Stephen’s wedding in May. We loved the presentation you put in your blog on your website. You both were so fun to work with and did a fabulous job capturing the day. I wish we could go back to that day and enjoy the day in slow motion so we would not miss a moment. But your wonderful photos help us remember all the beautiful moments of the wedding day. It was a joy to work with both of you and we cannot thank you enough. Love, Dianne Metz [ Emily’s Mom]

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